Whether Custom solutions or our modular services, we got you covered

Custom Solutions

AI-analysis solutions that we tailor specifically to your needs. Anything goes!


At Charit Insights, we recognize that each business faces its own set of specific challenges. Understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we offer custom analysis services designed to address your unique needs. Our approach involves a meticulous dissection of your qualitative data related chain, allowing us to identify how our AI can benefit you along your entire process

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Example Use Cases
Data strategy for new product development
Need and problem screenings in the market


Even if you only have a unique use case in mind or an individual link in your qualitative data process chain, we can adapt our  services to suite you specific qualitative data use case. After analyzing your specific use case, we can deploy custom frameworks to deliver tailored insights and reports.

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Example Use Cases
Idea mining & automated conceptualization
Creation of and testing with virtual personas

Modular Solutions

Features that are ready to go and adaptable to your specific needs.

Interview Analysis

Speed up the process of qualitative interview processing through AI-driven automated transcription, translation, analysis and reporting. The goal is to efficiently identify important topics and trends from conversations, extract demographic information, and gain valuable insights into customer opinions and needs.

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Virtual Persona Creation

Our systems accurately organize the information from interviews into digital personas.

Extracting Insights

Our AI systems quickly identify themes, demographic clusters, motivations and needs.

Automated Reporting

We create highly custom reports with context and detailed recommendation for action.

Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis service goes beyond binary classification such as "positive" and "negative" and uses advanced language models to reveal needs and emotions in customer feedback, reviews, comments etc.

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Relevance Checks

We separate signal from noise and identify which datapoints are relevant for the analysis.

Emotion Detection

Discover how customers truly feel and think about your brand, products, and services.

Thematic Scoring

Deeper understanding of emotions, beyond "positive" or "negative".

KPI Screening

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis encompasses the identification of what your customers say about quality characteristics of your service or product. Our sophisticated AI-Frameworks help keep an overview of what characteristics of your product or service actually need addressing.

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Topic Screening

We can search reviews, comments or feedback for recurring themes and score the product performance on this level.


We can compare the deduced performance indicators with those of similar competing products.

Advanced Transcription

Our AI models excel in over 80 languages, adept at understanding slang and uncommon terms, and combining accurate speaker detection with precise transcription. In translation, we emphasize culturally sensitive word meanings, ensuring the most accurate and meaningful translations for your needs.

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Speaker Detection

We can detect multiple speakers, e.g. narrators, moderators, participants, interviewers and interviewees.

Transcription & Translation

We can tune our models to work with cultural context or with very project specific terminology.