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We have gathered some of the common questions we get below. Should you not find what you are interested in, simply contacts us.

What does Charit Insights do?

Charit Insights specializes in transforming complex qualitative data (so anything that is text or language related and not strictly numbers) into clear, actionable insights. We leverage a variety of very advanced AI-methods to deliver out of the box and customized analytics to assist businesses in effectively understanding and utilizing their qualitative data. Our portfolio includes services like sentiment analysis, KPI analysis, idea scoring, and tailored solutions designed to meet our clients' needs and goals.

How does Charit Insights differ from other providers?

Charit Insights sets itself apart through our customized approach and deep expertise in AI and qualitative data analysis. We do not simply wrap around language AI methods but build highly complex systems for understanding business implications from text and language data. We place a strong emphasis on the individual needs of each client, applying tailored analytics that precisely address their specific challenges and goals. Our team of experts combines industry-leading analytical technologies with a profound understanding of business processes to deliver measurable results and genuine value.

What types of data can Charit Insights analyze, and what insights can you gain from them?

If its text or audio we are your experts. Charit Insights can analyze a wide range of things, including feedback, interviews, posts, discussions, reviews, internal data, comments, and much more. From this data, we extract valuable insights such as customer sentiments, market trends, performance metrics, operational efficiency, and more. These insights assist our clients in making informed decisions, refining their strategies, and achieving their business goals more efficiently.

How long does it typically take to get results from a data analysis?

The duration of the analysis can vary and depends heavily on the complexity of the data, the need, the scope of the project, and the specific requirements of the customer. In general, we aim to provide initial insights and results as quickly as possible, typically within a few days to a few weeks. We work closely with our clients to establish realistic timelines and ensure that the results are timely and relevant. The major benefit is, that we develop custom analytics that, once tailored to your need, experience a major speed up, so that results will come in much faster that in the initiation.

How flexible is Charit Insights in adapting services to changing customer requirements or goals?

Flexibility is one of our core principles. We understand that business conditions and data requirements can change rapidly. Therefore, our services are designed to dynamically adapt to new requirements and goals. Our team works closely with clients to continuously evaluate and, if necessary, adjust solutions to ensure they align optimally with the evolving needs of the business.

What pricing structure does Charit Insights have for its services, and are there different pricing models?

At Charit Insights, we offer a transparent and flexible pricing structure tailored to the specific needs and scope of each project. We provide various pricing models, including project-based, hourly, and subscription-based models. We work closely with our clients to determine the most suitable model that offers optimal value while aligning with their requirements and budgets. Our goal is to deliver high-quality services at competitive prices while ensuring the highest satisfaction and best possible results for our clients.

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