Our Methods

Understand how we utilize technology to innovate qualitative data analysis and shake up the market landscape.

Authentic Security

The protection of your data sits at the very top of our priority list. Next to high CS standards, we keep our models and servers in the EU, thus making sure all providers adhere to the EU regulations for data protection. We are strong believers in the concept of responsible AI and make sure no third-party company is training AI with your data.

Advanced AI

Our Frameworks are very complex chains of several communicating methods from the AI and statistics realm, from highly specialized thematic clustering and classification algorithms to sophisticated neural networks and fine-tuned transformer models. We strive to construct the most comprehensive analytics architectures that can leverage the benefits from many different AI methods simultaneously.

Quality Assurance

All our AI-methods are designed based on scientific scrutiny and gold standards of data analytics and test theory. Next to being based on our deep expertise about social sciences and language analytics, our methods have one significant benefit: They can work highly comprehensive deductive and inductive reasoning task batteries without quality loss due to exhaustion or bias intrusion, common in human analysis, even among experts.

Time Equals Money

Not only is the manual process of drawing insights from text and language data time consuming and thus cost intensive for companies, in most cases it is not even considered fulfilling work. Not only do we offer our services much cheaper than market standard for analytics services, but compared to human experts, our frameworks work up to 80x faster. This means more time for additional projects and internal development.

Size doesn't Matter

Our methods are highly scalable. They work with data in varying magnitudes. Most of our Frameworks are constructed in an interactive way, so that they can naturally perform their magic on text data of any size and complexity.

High Modularity

We strive to deliver you the most custom service possible. Only need a highly accurate AI-driven transcription? We got you covered! Fast and uncomplicated. You need a more complex and sophisticated analysis such as KPI Sentiment screening or full-scale interview processing, we will tailor our service.