About Us

Charit Insights is pioneering in the analysis of a wide variety of qualitative data. We want to make it as easy to draw insights from text and language data, as it is to do so from numbers.

The Origins

Charit emerged from the desire to revolutionize the field of market research and innovation research. Our origin lies in the realization that traditional methods of data collection and analysis are often time-consuming, costly, and not always precise enough to meet the dynamic demands of today's market. In a world where data is the new gold, we saw the need to offer a more modern, efficient, and data-driven approach.

Today, Charit stands as a symbol of a modern, intelligent approach in market research and innovation development, helping businesses streamline their processes more efficiently and effectively.

A team with a strong composition, driven to revolutionize data analysis and innovation research with advanced AI frameworks.

Johannes Jamroszczyk

Sandra Heuer